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Ever since the corona virus spread like wildfire all over the world, everyone was busy looking for a way to stop the spread of the corona virus. Looking for a similar approach, the Maharashtra government explored the Universal Travel Pass.

Universal Travel Pass 2023 is implemented in Maharashtra Govt. Along with this, other states of India also felt the need to apply this. You must remember that two doses of corona vaccine are required in India.

Taking both doses of the Corona virus has been made the most important thing for the Universal Travel Pass. You can get a Universal Travel Pass through an online application. The purpose of the Universal Travel Pass is that the Maharashtra government can move from one place to another without any problem.

A citizen can travel from one place to another through this pass. Let’s talk about how to get this pass online.

Universal Travel pass

The government and the railway department have already confirmed that anyone wishing to travel will not be able to do so without this pass. If you have received both doses of the Covid vaccine, you can easily get a Universal Travel Pass.

This universal travel pass card has a scanning slot, which can provide all the information of the citizen. This travel pass will help citizens to get tickets.

Eligibility criteria for universal Travel pass

What you need to have to prepare a Universal Travel Pass

  • You must be a citizen of Maharashtra state.
  • Children cannot get this Universal Travel Pass
  • You must be a medical, education or government employee.
  • You should have all the necessary documents that are required to generate this pass.

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